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Successful Trade Show Traveling Tips

Successful Trade Show Traveling Tips

Nimlok-CasesIt’s midnight, your eyes are weary, your back is tight, your feet are pulsating, begging you for a few minutes of respite. What you need most at this moment is a warm comfy bed.

Trade show veterans can relate to this scenario while out on the road exhibiting — and they can also tell you that nothing is worse than rough travel and subpar accommodations. If you are a novice trade show exhibitor — and you are looking for tips on how to make your journey fun, safe and easy then read on and learn how to make trade show travel a breeze.

For the multi-show trade show exhibitor nothing is worse than having to pack and unpack every time you turn around. Besides the obvious tidiness of packing, an exhibitor can also forget vital items when they are always on the go.  To save time and headache while traveling, keep your suitcase partially packed — with a full toiletry kit, basic jewelry, makeup bag, snacks, shoes, notebooks, pens and business cards. When you get back from one show all you need to do is repack the basics — pajamas, underwear and clothes — because all of your essentials are already accounted for.

They say there are two inevitabilities in life, death and taxes. I’d like to posit a third, lines at airports. That’s right, if there is anything in the world that you can count on it’s the fact that you will have to wait in a line at an airport, it is the bane of modern travel. One way to get around waiting forever is making sure your luggage is a carry-on. By the time other travelers are picking up their suitcases from the baggage claim, you will be kicking off your shoes and checking into your hotel.

To pull this feat off you will have to be a great packer. Remember the previous tip about keeping your essentials in your suitcase at all times? Well this is another area where being prepared pays off. If you pack light in a carry-on bag, you are able to be more flexible and mobile in your travels. Make sure that the clothes that you pack can all do double duty for you. Sleepwear can double as work-out or lounging gear. Choose pants that can be business casual but can also be worn in off hours casual. Pick clothes that all fall within the same color scheme so you don’t have to worry about matching.

One of the best times to be productive is while you are traveling. Conventional logic says that every day that you spend away from the office is a day you lose in productivity, however that need not be the case. While you are on the road there is no better time to get work done. While you are in-flight, you can read over reports and analysis, you can write proposals and you can even answer your email and follow-up with visitors to your trade show display if your plane offers wifi. You can also plan for your next trade show while you are exhibiting as well.

Traveling from city to city has its perks, one of them is you ability to combine exhibiting with meeting face-to-face with clients in the area. Let your clients know ahead of time that you will be exhibiting in their region and you would like to set up a meeting either at your event or after hours. They say you can combine business with pleasure, but combining business with business frees up time to indulge in pleasure later.

Making conscious decisions about how you pack, what you take with you and what you plan for while on the road, your trade show marketing travel can truly be a stress-free experience.

For more information about traveling to a trade show, or if you have questions for a Nimlok Michigan specialist, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.233.9401.

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