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3 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Trade Show

3 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Trade Show

Nimlok-blurThe majority of the time, trade show preparation focuses primarily on the company and the exhibit.

While these are both vital components of a successful trade show, it is also important to prepare yourself. You want to present your best and most organized self on the trade show floor.

After all, you are an extension of your company.

Below are three questions to ask before your next  show:

What are My Personal and Professional Goals?

Leading up to your event, ask yourself a simple question: What am I looking to achieve personally and professionally from this trade show? Are you looking to hone your sales expertise? Are you looking to improve your public speaking skills? Do you want to build professional relationships?  Whatever your personal and professional goals are, it is important to be aware of them so that you have objectives to focus on when you are on the show floor.

A few tips for setting personal and professional goals:

  • Set realistic or attainable goals
  • Make sure your goals not only help you, but also bring value to your company
  • Take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify skills and traits that will help you progress professionally
  • Look for new challenges that put you outside of your comfort zone

How Can I Achieve Personal Organization?

Getting yourself personally organized is very important when working a trade show. Between traveling and shipping your trade show booth and supplies, organization can be difficult. One way you can make sure you are organized is by making a personal trade show checklist that includes all of your deadlines and to-dos.

Tips for creating a trade show checklist:

  • Create calendar reminders in your phone for important trade show deadlines
  • Inventory your attire and make sure you have it dry-cleaned and pressed
  • Pack all of your trade show must-have items a week in advance
  • Double-check travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Set a reminder to complete expense reports after the show

How Can I Network More Efficiently?

Trade shows provide a great opportunity to network with clients, prospects, venders and industry experts. Effective networking skills can be applied to any trade show if you know how to connect and communicate with attendees and exhibitors. Effective networking during trade shows can help build business relationships that can benefit you and your company for years to come.

Trade show networking tips:

  • List people you want to meet organized by company, industry and title
  • Research events and seminars add them to your calendar
  • Create a list of open-ended questions to ask prospects
  • Learn the show’s focus and leverage your expertise to build relationships
  • Ask prospects for referrals to others who would like to meet with you

For more information about trade show preparation, or if you have questions for a Nimlok Michigan specialist, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.233.9401.

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