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Top Ten Best Trade Show Giveaways

Top Ten Best Trade Show Giveaways

Trade shows present Grand Rapids businesses with a great opportunity to make connections outside of the West Michigan area. That being said, to fully capitalize on the benefits of exhibiting you need to consider how you will convince attendees to visit your booth and make your business memorable. One simple way to encourage traffic to your trade show exhibit is to offer a giveaway. Everyone loves free stuff, and branded giveaway items help trade show attendees remember your business. Keep reading for the 10 best giveaway items for your next trade show.

What Makes a Good Trade Show Giveaway?

Before we get started, it is important to note exactly what makes for a good trade show giveaway. Great giveaways are not just flashy or cool, they should also be practical for your prospects as well as for your brand.

A trade show giveaway should be these three things:

  1. Budget-friendly: No matter how cool your giveaway is, spending too much of your trade show budget resources on them can negate their positive impact and return on investment.
  2. Inherently valuable: Some of the most effective giveaways may seem a bit on the boring side, but a pen is far more valuable than a flashlight on the show floor.
  3. Branded: Make sure that your giveaway reflects your brand. Even the coolest giveaways will fall flat if the attendee cannot remember where they got it.

With these three things in mind, here are ten products that make great trade show giveaways.


1. Breath Mints

We have all been there: about to head into a meeting and suddenly, we wonder about whether or not our breath is fresh. At trade shows, this worry is tenfold. Attendees will speak with and meet dozens of people. Breath mint giveaways are practical and memorable.

2. Phone Chargers

Trade show attendees may not be in the office, but they are still connected to their workplace via email, text and calls. All that phone use can take a toll on battery life, which can send an attendee scrabbling to the nearest outlet. If you have phone chargers as your marketing giveaways, you give attendees the lifeline back home when they need it most.

3. Headphones

Headphones are a great idea because they can be used outside of the show in a variety of ways. Make sure your headphone giveaway comes in a branded case, otherwise the recipient may forget that the headphones came from your company!

4. Tote Bags

Branded tote bags can help attendees collect and carry all their goodies. Many of these goodies may not make it past the hotel room trash can, but the tote is a highly useful, especially when traveling.

5. Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is cost-effective, last a long time and is very convenient for travelers. Hand sanitizers are also very popular items and attendees will be sure to flock to your booth, so make sure to keep plenty of branded hand sanitizer in supply.

6. Luggage Tag

Many trade show attendees traveled by air to the show city. Branded luggage tags are timely, useful and long lasting. Attendees will think of your company every time they pick up their luggage.

7. Product Samples

Giving away product samples to prospects is one of the most effective ways to show off your wares while also attracting attendees to your booth. Giving away products related to your industry or niche helps you stand out in a crowd of businesses.

8. Reusable Water Bottles

Everywhere you go from the office to the park, you will see people carrying around reusable water bottles. Since this is a product almost everyone uses, having reusable water bottles as your promotional giveaways on the show floor will draw lot of traffic to your trade show display.

9. Snacks

Attendees work up an appetite while walking around the show floor. Giving away snacks such as coffee, pretzels, chocolates and crackers will help draw crowds to your display. Snacks also work to make sure attendees stick around your booth, providing your sales team an opportunity to pitch them.

10. Lip Balms

With all of the conversations taking place on the show floor, attendees’ lips are bound to become chapped. Lip balm as a trade show giveaway will remind attendees of your brand every time they reach into their pocket or purse to moisturize their lips.

Attracting trade show attendees to your booth is simple with any of these ten giveaway items. For more information about the trade show display specialists at Nimlok Michigan, contact us here or call us at 616.233.9401.

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